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Centreon : Update 2.3.8 to 2.4.5 on Centos 6.X

Logo CentreonThe 2.4.X Centreon version are now stables for some times. Here is a small Howto explaining how to update your Centreon 2.3.x to the latest stable release date: Centreon 2.4.5.

I am currently using Centreon 2.3.8 on Centos 6.4. The broker is ndo2db with Nagios core. This tutorial is the next logical howto : Installing Centreon 2.3.8 on Centos 6.2. Approach is almost the same with Broker :  Centreon-Broker.

Here’s how to update Centreon 2.3.8 to Centreon 2.4.5 with Nagios & ndo2db.

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Monitoring Oracle Database with Check_oracle_health & Nagios / Centreon

oracle logoCheck_oracle_health is a great Oracle Database monitoring Tools. This plugin help you retrieve a variety of data such as the time to connect to a database, the number of connected users, the invalid objects sum, free space in a tablespace and many other counters …

We will use it with Centreon to exploit check_oracle_health data monitoring  as graphs. A dedicated Nagios part is also in this article.

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Argument “v6.0.1” isn’t numeric in numeric lt (<)

logo nagios

In nagios, you will encounter this error”Argument “v6.0.1″ isn’t numeric in numeric lt (<)” with plugins like “check_snmp_ *” To solve this problem, just replace:


(Net::SNMP->VERSION < 4 )


(Net::SNMP->VERSION lt 4 )

On the line number corresdonding to this error in plugins.

This problem is due to the fact that plugins are quite old and libnet-snmp-perl has evolved.


Error: Could not open command file ‘/usr/local/nagios/var/rw/nagios.cmd’ for update!

Error: Could not open command file '/usr/local/nagios/var/rw/nagios.cmd' for update!

Error: Could not open command file ‘/usr/local/nagios/var/rw/nagios.cmd’ for update!,An error that comes up from time to time and is quite annoying to deal with, I found a way to fix the problem, it is not the best way, but it is simple and fast.

Explanation: when nagios starts, it creates a file that will run nagios.cmd our services, excluding, for some, bad rights are granted, the right permissions being 666.

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