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Powershell : IIS8 website Creation on Windows server 2012


I’m currently learning Powershell, So I started gently with easy script. Below, you can find one let you create some IIS8 website easily & fastly. This powershell script create the Application Pool, website, directory and an index.html :


Write-Host "Welcome in PSWebsiteCreator by Alexnogard from" -ForegroundColor Red -BackgroundColor White
$SiteName = Read-Host "Please enter the site name"
$PhysPath = Read-Host "Please enter path pointing to your website (e.g. : c:\mywebsite)"
$BindingIP = Read-Host "Enter an Ip Address, or leave empty"
$BindingPort = Read-Host "Enter port you wanna use (e.g. : 81) "
$AppPool = Read-Host "You ApplicationPool Name (e.g. : Default Web Site)"
New-Item $PhysPath -type directory
New-Item $PhysPath\index.html -type file -force -value "<center>Coucou petite perruche</center>"
New-WebAppPool -Name $AppPool
New-Website -Name $SiteName -ApplicationPool FirstWebsiteAppPool -Force -PhysicalPath $PhysPath -Port $BindingPort

See you soon !


OwnCloud 4.5.4 : Windows Server Active Directory Authentication.

logo Owncloud 4.5.4

After the previous article Owncloud 4: Introduction, Installation & configuration on CentOS 6.2 , I will now teach you how to make work Owncloud & Active Directory together

Regarding all the comments found on the internet, most people think this operation is quite difficult. I’ll prove that is easier you think

Here is how to :

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