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G4L (Ghost 4 Linux) : Backup & Restore your hard disk & partitions


G4L (Ghost 4 Linux) is a Linux Live CD, G4L let you ghost your hard disk : complete backup, compression & transfert to an other computer / server

G4L (Ghost 4 Linux) est un utilitaire plus qu’utile sous forme de Live CD , il permet le ghost de disque dur et de partitions, c’est à dire, le backup complet (backup en binaire : bit par bit, ou par système de fichier.), la compression de ce backup, ainsi que le transfert vers une autre marchine through various protocols: NFS, CIFS (SMB), sshfs, or FTP. G4L also provide a usefull toolbox with : startftpd et telnetd, let you create a ftp/telnet server on your computer, an hard disk rescure, a testDisk to scan & repair damaged partitions, parted to create new partitions & lot other cool stuff.

In this How To, I will tell you how to backup & restore your hard disk from a remote server.

Before starte, you have to download g4l, and writte it to a CD.

Start from the CD, Choose the default line :

ghost for linux

Next, Select your keyboard :


Touch g4l to use graphical interface. you should arrive in this menu :

Ghost 4 LinuxThere is 4 rows :

  • Raw Mode : permit to backup entire disk, saved bit by bit, so you can backup any file system (NTFS,ext… ).
  • File Mode : Partitions backup,  not much supported file system, most commons (NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, FAT32, JFS & XFS)
  • Utilities : All tools you need to do a diag
  • Show Help : <<–

We are going to use Raw Mode :

Raw Mode G4L

There is 3 rows :

  • Network Use : Backup & Restore to/from the network : FTP or UDPCAST.
  • Local use : Backup & Restore to/from  “local drive” : you can do backup from drive on your local network or local hard disk.
  • Click’n’Clone : Clone a partition from an other disk partition

We are going to use “local mode”, enter the menu :

ghost for linux

We are going to do a disk backup, compress it and upload it on windows share. Select first line  :


fulfill like this :

mount -t cifs //remote-ip/share /mnt/local -o user=your-user, pass=your-password

If it’s ok, you should see :

ghost for linux

Your shared folder is now mounted, set a name to your backup : Config Filename :


In the compression menu, choose your favorite compression algorithm.

Go to “backup” menu :ghost 4 linux

Choose disk or partition you want to backup.

g4LTick “Yes”.

g4l backup

Verify transfert working on destination server.

networkWe have network activity and :


Our backup grow up :).

Regarding Restore, it’s the same process ;).

If you have any questions or comments, the comments are there for that 😉

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