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Be SMS alerted new inbox mail with Google Calendar.


To better manage messages you receive and be notified by SMS when an important email arrives, we’ll set up a Google script.

Therefore, the scenario is as follows:
– Receive email in your mailboxes.
– Filters are applied to email, if the filter is that you set for alert, we move to the next step.
– A script running on google drive looks every minute if a new mail that matches the filter is in the inbox.
– If YES, mail is listed in your calendar, and you will receive a SMS alert.
If NO, the script stops.

For implementation, several steps, namely:
– Changing our calendar
– Creating a filter for our emails,
– Creating a google script
– Test.

It is important to note that Google limits the sending of sms / day, but this limit is quite high.

I / Calendar Modification

For this step, go to your Calendar, click the cogwheel on the right, then click “Settings”:

Click on tab “Mobile Setup” :

If you haven’t activated your mobile yet to receive SMS, do it :


Now that our number is added, click the “Calendar” tab on the main line of your calendar, click “Reminders & Notifications”


Then select the “SMS” box, first line:

II / Filter creation on Gmail

Go to Gmail, click the cogwheel, then “Settings”:


Then, click the “Filters” tab and “Create a filter”


We fulfill our filter as we wish, for my part I put a filter on “Cristaline” word, so I receive sms only if an email matches this filter, go to the next step by clicking “Create a filter with this search “


Then we select the following check boxes:- Apply label: “SMS” (creating a new language with this name).
– Never send it to SPAM folder
– Always mark it as important

Then click on “Create a filter”

/!\ (Especially do not apply this filter to old conversations, you may receive SMS for each with first script execution). /!\

III / Google Script Creation

Go to Google Drive and click on the “Create” button :

Then click on “Connect more apps“ :

Now, in the search box, type “script” and install the application “Google Apps Script” :


Close the window, click again on “Create” and then click “Script”:

You are now on the Google script interface, choose “Empty Project”


Then, remove pre-writtened lines (function myfunction ….), and replaced by:

function EnvoiSMS() {
var label = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName('SMS');
var threads = label.getThreads();
var now = new Date().getTime();
for(i in threads)
CalendarApp.createEvent('URGENT '+threads[i].getFirstMessageSubject(), new Date(now+60000), new Date(now+60000)).addSmsReminder(0);

Call our script by clicking “Untitled Project” :

We run our script by clicking on the following icon:


The following window will appear, click authorize:


Once authorized, a new window appears, click “I Agree”

Once done, click the little clock icon:

This is the trigger script, which we use to automate sending SMS.
Click “add a trigger”

Change the value “hour counter” with “Timer” and select “every minute” to the right and click “Save”:


Leave your script.

Your function will look in your mailbox, labeled “SMS” if a new email has arrived, if so, it will send an alert via SMS by creating an event in the calendar.

I suggest you do a test to validate that everything is OK.

/! \ WARNING /! \
Choose well your filter not to be bombarded with SMS!

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