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Howto reset your Centos Root password

root linux

Your Linux machine is so stable that it’s been several months since you didn’t log on it. Bad luck, you do not add the Root password in your password manager. You are trying to connect, trying every conceivable password, impossible … you forgot! No Stress, here’s a technique that let you reset your root password on your CentOS.

First, restart your CentOS server, when you arrive in the Grub:

Grub Centos

Press the “a” key of your keyboard:

Grub quiet CentOs

Simply add a “1” after “quiet” to start in single mode, and press enter. Your CentOS is started now, you are logged in as root, it remains only to change his password:

# passwd

passwd linux centos

Once changed your password, it only remains to restart.

Voila, you now know how to reset the root password on CentOS.

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