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Be SMS alerted new inbox mail with Google Calendar.


To better manage messages you receive and be notified by SMS when an important email arrives, we’ll set up a Google script.

Therefore, the scenario is as follows:
– Receive email in your mailboxes.
– Filters are applied to email, if the filter is that you set for alert, we move to the next step.
– A script running on google drive looks every minute if a new mail that matches the filter is in the inbox.
– If YES, mail is listed in your calendar, and you will receive a SMS alert.
If NO, the script stops.

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Nginx 1.2.7 installation on Centos 6.4

nginx logoNginx is a powerful web server processing requests asynchronously. Not a memory guzzler as Apache! Nginx can be used as a web server, reverse proxy web proxy or email. It wants to be very modular.

In this article we will see how to install Nginx 1.2.7 on Centos, and some basic configurations. The purpose of this paper is to lead us to the following: installing Naxsi, a web application firewall for Nginx.
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SMS Gateway with Raspberry PI & mail2sms


The SMS Gateway implementation is a simple thing and can be useful in business. Both alerts from your monitoring systems (with Nagios or Centreon for example), only for captive portals Wi-Fi (UCOPIA portal). This gateway is particularly interesting because it is placed on a Raspberry PI, which does not cost much, the GSM modem is an old nokia 3109c.

Configuration :
Raspberry PI 512MO
OS : Pidora
Carte SD : 16GO Class 10

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Install OpenVPN on Raspberry PI (Debian Wheezy)

openvpn logo

Some times ago, I bought a Raspberry Pi, so I had the idea to put up a VPN on my RPI to surf safely in public places :). So I tried OpenVPN, which is an open-source tools. It is based on OpenSSL library, the private key is shared among peers, it offers a good security level, and the client is available on multiple platforms. Here’s how to install OpenVPN on a Raspberry PI (Debian Wheezy).

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Powershell : IIS8 website Creation on Windows server 2012


I’m currently learning Powershell, So I started gently with easy script. Below, you can find one let you create some IIS8 website easily & fastly. This powershell script create the Application Pool, website, directory and an index.html :


Write-Host "Welcome in PSWebsiteCreator by Alexnogard from" -ForegroundColor Red -BackgroundColor White
$SiteName = Read-Host "Please enter the site name"
$PhysPath = Read-Host "Please enter path pointing to your website (e.g. : c:\mywebsite)"
$BindingIP = Read-Host "Enter an Ip Address, or leave empty"
$BindingPort = Read-Host "Enter port you wanna use (e.g. : 81) "
$AppPool = Read-Host "You ApplicationPool Name (e.g. : Default Web Site)"
New-Item $PhysPath -type directory
New-Item $PhysPath\index.html -type file -force -value "<center>Coucou petite perruche</center>"
New-WebAppPool -Name $AppPool
New-Website -Name $SiteName -ApplicationPool FirstWebsiteAppPool -Force -PhysicalPath $PhysPath -Port $BindingPort

See you soon !


Set Up secure SSL connection for Owncloud

logo Owncloud 4.5.4

Regarding the ownCloud service, where confidential data maybe stored, the first thing to do is to secure the frond end seting up an SSL security and force HTTPS connection so that your passwords do not circulate in clear text on the WWW. It’s take less than 10 minutes and that prevent some data leak.

Here is the How To :

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